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4 Things You Should Know About Mold in Your Home

8/1/2020 (Permalink)

Mold growth on top of a wall Mold growth in a Tusculum, TN home

4 Things You Should Know About Mold in Your Home

If you are dealing with black mold in your Tusculum, TN, home, you are not alone. Mold is a common problem that occurs in many buildings. The following information may help you understand the issue and keep it from recurring.

1. What Is Mold?
While black mold may be the first to come to mind, there are actually many varieties. Mold is a fungus that travels and spreads via spores. Most of the time, these are not toxic and will not cause any serious problems. They can, however, affect your house in certain conditions.

2. Why Does Mold Grow in Your House?
The most likely reason that mold is growing in your building is that you have a moisture problem. This can come in the form of high humidity or a larger issue like water damage. Mold thrives on moisture, and spores can be found in most environments, so excessive amounts of water will often lead to the growth of colonies.

3. How Do You Know If It’s There?
In many cases, you will be able to see the mold growth. It often has a fuzzy texture and can appear as a discoloration on walls and other surfaces. However, if it is growing in a hidden area, you may not notice it right away. Mold also gives off an unpleasant and musty odor. The best way to determine if you have mold growth is to have an inspection done by a mold remediation company.

4. Can It Go Away on Its Own?
Mold can be annoying to deal with, so you might attempt to ignore it and hope that it just goes away. However, this is unlikely to be the case. Mold cleanup will need to be done to remove the excessive growth as well as any underlying problems that may cause it to return.
Black mold is a common problem, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. Hiring a professional will ensure the mold is removed properly, and reducing moisture levels in your home can help keep it at bay.

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