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Our Customers Love Us

7/29/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Greene County strives to make our customer satisfied on every job we do big or little.  This is just one of the five star reviews our customers have recently given us.  

Mr. Lawson gave us a five star review!    

 After a house fire and tons of water damage, we partnered with our insurance company to begin the restoration. We were advised to choose a contractor and were given several choices for fire and water remediation companies. After an evening of reviewing companies in the area, we found that SERVPRO of Greene County had the best ratings and reviews. After talking with Tommy, the Operations Manager, we learned that this particular SERVPRO not only specialized in fire/water remediation, but was also a general contractor. Choosing this SERVPRO franchise was a no-brainer as it allowed for a more "in-house" experience and helped to minimize the number of people we had to work with. It made everything more convenient. After everything in the house was removed and demo began, I met Justin, the Project Manager. Justin was the all-star throughout the entire restoration. I was always able to reach him when a question or concern came up. If he was busy at the moment, he would always call back quickly. He was extremely professional, very easy to talk to, and was very realistic about every stage of this project. He was very real - meaning that he was very honest and never tried to hide problems that came up. Although he was the project manager, he was quick to help with any work that needed to be done on site and was very respectful to his in-house crew. You could tell that the employees enjoyed working with him. Justin and his crew (specifically Jacob) were quick to take note of any concerns that I had and they even pointed out concerns that they had regarding the house that we hadn't even noticed. When the items that were not destroyed were returned to the house, it was easy to see that SERVPRO had cleaned them and made sure that there was no water or smoke damage. The furniture smells fresh and you would never be able to tell that it had been in a house full of smoke. Overall, I would recommend SERVPRO of Greene County to restore my house again. P.S. Tommy used to be an Army Ranger. So not only is he a veteran, but his attention to detail will surprise you. I have not hired other remediation companies, but I bet that his military experience sets him apart from some of the competition. As this customer says, SERVPRO of Greene County is here to help you in your time of need and knowledgeable to help in everyway you need. Make your first call to SERVPRO of Greene County at 423-638-1104 for all your mitigation and restoration needs.  

Preventing a Fire In Your Business

7/14/2021 (Permalink)

Even though every business is different, commercial fires tend to start for the same reasons. As a business owner, it's important to be aware of these causes, so you can do your best to prevent them. Cooking, of course, is one of the main causes. Kitchen fires in restaurants are the most common source of fire in non-residential or commercial buildings. Mainly because the grease traps or hood system, and exhaust vents for commercial stoves, broilers, and deep fryers are not properly cleaned and maintained on a regular basis as they should be. Electrical and heating malfunctions such as worn electrical cords and faulty wiring are also a major cause of commercial fires. Probably the 3rd top reason for commercial fires is arson. Intentional fire-setting in abandoned buildings, especially in the current economic climate, provides an easy target for fire setters. Don't let these hazards kill or injure firefighters. Take care and maintain your property even if your business is not up and running at the moment. Of course, another reason for commercial fires is smoking. Even in a smoke-free building, you can't watch what your employees or customers do all the time. It only takes one cigarette to start a fire. Improper Storage can also contribute to a fire. Many fires are started when flammable materials are stored too close to a heat source. There are additional risks that may not be covered here. Commercial fire sprinklers can protect all types of businesses from too much fire damage, making them a worthwhile investment in your building and employees' safety.  Call your friends at SERVPRO of Greene County for all your fire and fire safety needs. We are here to help! 

SERVPRO of Greene County Here For You and Our Community

6/23/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO crew on Habitat For Humanity Build Day SERVPRO crew on Habitat For Humanity Build Day

SERVPRO of Greene County  is a very active member in our local community.  We have fed lunch to our local Habitat For Humanity builders on several occasions.  We have also helped in Habitat For Humanity build days.  We had an entire SERVPRO of Greene County Build Day!  We were able to help do the siding, facia, and soffit of an entire house along with painting of the storage shed in the back.  We took 14 of our SERVPRO of Greene County Crew out to donate our time for the entire day.  It gives us a nice break from the everyday grind and gives us a chance to work together to make our community a better place to live.  We also try to attend as many of the Habitat For Humanity home dedications that we can.  We are so incredibly proud for the new homeowners on all of their hard work that they put in in being able to achieve such an amazing goal for them and their families.  SERVPRO of Greene County also does a post construction and final cleaning free of charge on all Habitat For Humanity builds in our communities.  SERVPRO of Greene County should be your first choice for all emergency needs because they are there for you just like they are for the communities they live in and service.

Where Do Most Fires Start?

6/2/2021 (Permalink)

kitchen fire kitchen fire

Some of the most common house fires in Greene County that occur come straight from the kitchen. We all have burnt a little something in the kitchen along the way I bet. Toast in the toaster, a cake in the oven, popcorn in the microwave. It happens sometimes if we get distracted while preparing something good to eat. One of the most common kitchen fires is on the stove. We call it a grease fire. SERVPRO gets more calls about grease fires than anything else. Reason being is as soon as oil heats that stove there is a great chance of it catching fire if you aren’t paying attention. When grease catches fire on the stove to the point you can’t just easily put it out, it can catch your cabinets on fire, along with anything else surrounding that area very quickly. That being said, here are some tips on what to do if you ever experience this cooking fiasco. Cover the flames with a metal lid or cookie sheet if possible. This smothers the flames and keeps them from getting any higher or spreading out. Turn off the heat source if you can without burning yourself. Remember you are more important than your stuff. If it's small and manageable, pour baking soda or salt on it to smother the fire. As a last resort, locate your fire extinguisher which is normally under the sink or in your pantry. Do not try to extinguish the fire with water. This will only increase the flames and allow it to spread even further. 

If You See Water Act Quick

5/26/2021 (Permalink)

When a water damage occurs inside your Greene County home it is best to respond to the issue as quick as possible. Doing so may prevent you from having to spend quite a bit of money in repairs and in some cases may prevent you from filing an insurance claim. Some water damages can cause wood flooring to buckle or become loose and squeaky. It can cause drywall or studs to rot or break down from the moisture. Also, another major issue that can occur is microbial growth or most commonly referred to as mold or mildew. When you have noticed you may have a water damage, it is probably best to contact a professional to assess the issue. Most water restoration companies have devices to detect moisture in areas you may not be able to see as well. More than likely they can set up special equipment to dry your home quickly such as fans, dehumidifiers, and water extraction tools. They may even offer other services like, pulling up flooring, removing drywall, and detaching baseboards or cabinets to get all the moisture out before it spreads further. This is important as water travels fast and causes more damage than you would think. Make sure to educate yourself on the steps to take when a water damage occurs in your home. Rather that is calling a plumber or your insurance company or a water restoration company, it is always best to prepare for these situations. The quicker you are the best off your home will be.

What Can You Do?

5/19/2021 (Permalink)

Keep Doors Closed Keep Doors Closed

One of the best ways to prevent a fire from spreading inside your home is to keep all the doors in your home closed. Especially when you leave your home or when you go to sleep at night. If your home catches fire, keeping the doors closed can prevent the fire from spreading to other rooms giving the fire department more time to save your house. Also, check your fire alarms regularly. Some fire alarms are hard wired into your home’s electrical. But other fire alarms operate on a battery that can be exchanged easily. If your home runs on gas, rather natural or liquid petroleum, it is always best to check all sources on a regular basis. Stoves, dryers, water heaters, etc. all have a pilot light that always stays lit. Make sure to read up on the manual of these appliances to look for any warning signs that something isn’t right. If you smell even a hint of gas or can see the pilot light is higher than normal, call your gas provider to come out and have them check your incoming gas or contact a local tradesman to come check your appliances. A lot of house fires are electrical. Make sure to always turn off anything that stays hot and unplug it from the outlet when you are not using it. For example, curling irons, straightening irons, wax burners, heaters, video games, and clothes irons are all common things that can catch fire easily. Also, make sure to blow out candles when leaving the room for an extended period of time.

Are You Prepared for a Disaster In Your Business?

4/7/2021 (Permalink)

Those who run their own businesses have a TON on their plate. They’ve got pay roll to worry about, making deadlines, making quarterly numbers – the list goes on. The last thing they need on their plate is a disaster to happen, most times, businesses are drastically underprepared for a disaster to their commercial business. Do you have a contingency plan just in case a pipe bursts or a roof caves in due to a thunderstorm? 

If not, you may want to consider our Emergency Ready Program, or ERP. With an ERP we can identify problem areas, where your water shut off is, and even create a game plan for our team just in case you happen to have a water or fire damage in the future. An ERP can save your company time and money, so give SERVPRO of Greene County a call today to schedule one at 423-638-1104!

Storm Dangers From Standing Flood Waters

3/30/2021 (Permalink)

storm flooded home storm flooded home

Storms and hurricanes devastate different regions every year. Unfortunately, some of the biggest dangers caused by storms can occur after the storm has already passed. In addition to a lack of supplies and road closures, the standing flood water resulting from storms can cause serious health risks. Here are some of the most severe problems floods can bring.

Health Dangers

Standing flood water is teeming with health risks. The CDC has a section detailing all the possible diseases that become more likely in the event of a storm disaster, including Norovirus and the West Nile Virus. Bacterial infections and diseases become a greater possibility because flood water can infect everything it touches. This can include anything from articles of clothing to the toys that children play with. For this reason, it is incredibly important not to drink or eat anything that has been contaminated by standing flood water, and to always wash hands as often as possible- especially before meals. In addition, open wounds pose a far greater risk of becoming infected as a result of storm waters. If possible, keep open wounds out of the water or cover with waterproof bandages. 

Physical Hazards

Disease isn't the only invisible hazard that can exist within standing water. Murky water can conceal dangerous insects or even threatening animals beneath the surface. Much of this depends on the location of the storm, but it's not unheard of for alligators to make use of a new habitat resulting from a storm. In addition, much of the physical damage caused by a storm is still present in the water. This can include broken glass or sharp metal which might be impossible to see before it causes injury. On top of that, storms frequently cause damage to power lines. These can lead to a risk of electrocution in standing water. Flood water itself poses the possibility of causing drowning, whether people are in their cars or trying to swim across.

If you need storm damage repair or water damage cleanup, contact the team at SERVPRO of Greene County today at 423-438-1104.

Why SERVPRO For Your Greene County Fire

3/29/2021 (Permalink)

house fire recent house fire we got called to

A fire in your home can be a very devastating and dangerous experience. After the fire, many people will first react by wanting to clean up their home. Before you decide to cleanup the property yourself, it may be a good idea to first reach out to a fire damage cleanup company like SERVPRO of Greene County. Here are three reasons why you should hire SERVPRO for fire damage cleanup. 

Fire Damage Cleanup Can be Dangerous

The first reason why you should hire a professional for fire damage cleanup is that it can be a very dangerous process to cleanup after a fire. After a fire, the area that is damaged could also have broken glass, sharp objects, and a variety of other hazards. If you are not experienced in this field, these hazards can be hard to identify. When you choose to work with a professional, they will be able to use the tools necessary to safely clear the area of all hazardous debris.

Follow Regulations

Another reason why it can be beneficial to hire a professional for fire damage cleanup is that they will be able to follow regulations. After fire damage your local community may have specific ways of how the cleanup needs to be handled. In many cases, this will prevent you from using your normal trash and dumpster service. Instead, a fire damage cleanup company will be able to follow the proper steps to ensure your home is following any laws governing how the cleanup needs to be handled. 

Able to Restore Many Items

Another advantage of working with a professional for fire damage cleanup is that they can restore many items that you may consider destroyed. The cleanup crew will be able to carefully review all your personal belongings that were damaged by the fire. In many cases, an item that appears to be completely damaged could be full restored. This can include flooring, furniture, appliances, and many other items that could be expensive to replace. 

If you need fire damage repair, storm damage cleanup or an odor cleaning company, contact the team at SERVPRO of Greene County today at 423-638-1104!

Risks of Leaving Smoke Untreated

3/29/2021 (Permalink)

fire damaged house fire damaged house

Fire and smoke damage can wreak havoc to your personal property and structures. A quick reaction can help you minimize the impact of the destruction as some of your household goods can be cleaned and salvaged if treated immediately. You should, therefore, hasten the process of hiring a professional company like SERVPRO of Washington County to help you manage the damage in a correct manner. Conversely, if left untreated, smoke and fire damage can be more devastating in the following ways:

The restoration cost increases

When the treatment process is extended, the damages begin to get worse and more difficult to deal with. If smoke goes untreated for long, the odors become more persistent and more difficult to neutralize. These challenges make the treatment process harder and more time consuming and ultimately more expensive.

Extensive damage

Smoke and ash can mix with water to produce a very corrosive element. If not cleaned quickly, this corrosive substance begins to slowly corrode away walls, floors, ceilings and any other surfaces in your home. Cleaning up quickly with soap and water is not enough. The substance requires proper cleaning with appropriate chemicals to remove it completely in order to contain the damages.

Soot deposits

Neutralizing of soot residual and deposits is an effective first clean up step. If left for long, soot can easily travel and penetrate into other rooms that weren't affected by the fire, staining the wall paint, carpet, furniture, drapes, clothing and any other household items.

Permanent damage

Your property can suffer permanent damage if not treated in a timely manner. Damage begins to set in within hours and prolonged exposure may cause permanent harm to your walls which turns yellow, metal surfaces begins to corrode, clothes stain permanently and wooden furniture which may need refinishing. It also damages the floor which may need replacement.

Following a fire, it is necessary to seek smoke treatment immediately to save yourself from the effects of prolonged exposure to smoke and to make it easier for you to restore your home. In case you suspect some smoke damage in your residence and need smoke or fire cleanup, water damage cleanup, mold damage clean up or storm damage repair contact the team at SERVPRO of Washington County today at 423-434-0046.